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Steps to Wellness, Inc.

Steps to Wellness, Inc. began in 2018 and it has grown out of the vision of the CEO and founder, Shirley Woolfolk,  who is a Doctoral Clinical Psychology Candidate, Human Services Board Certified Practitioner, and also a Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor.

The staff at Steps to Wellness has over thirty years of experience in Addiction Counseling, and recognizes that there is not one clear path to recovery, and that each client designs their own path to recovery.

We are committed at Steps to Wellness to helping clients improve their quality of life, and we also express the sentiment that encourages clients to recognize that recovery is truly possible, and that with patience, consistency, and working from a holistic approach with the substance use disorder population, that recovery can happen. 

The instillation of hope augments the path to recovery.

Linda Verba

Clinical Coordinator

Linda Verba, is the Clinical Coordinator for Steps to Wellness, Inc. , and she has over seven years of experience working with the Opioid Specific population. Linda has a Master of Science in Professional Counseling. from Grand Canyon University and she also holds a Chemical Dependency Counselor Assistant Certification from the state of Ohio. Linda is a Solution-Focused Therapist,  who also has experience working with multiple treatment modalities that include, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Motivational Enhancement Treatment, and Dialectic Behavior Therapy.  Linda also has extensive experience working with Family Counseling, Anger Management, Aftercare, as well as Self-Help Groups. Linda has worked diligently with both the adolescent and adult populations, within both the juvenile and adult correctional systems, with a focus on addiction counseling.